Jakob Owens

Translating the world's videos

Reaching a global audience is challenging. We make it easy by translating the voice track on your videos into other languages

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The. Team. Is. AWESOME.

We speak over 6 languages across the team and some of us even aspire to be professional pianists and basketball players!



Co-founded Deloitte Ventures, co-launched a wealth-tech platform at Octopus, and tries playing basketball in his spare time



Speech processing guru, double masters and undergrad at Cambridge University, pen enthusiast


Machine learning engineer

Cambridge graduate, ex quant, vr46 fan with a passion for hendecasyllables and cadences


Machine learning engineer

Former trader and portfolio manager, loves the outdoors

Yes! We're hiring!

Join a fun team with a super ambitious goal. And earn valuable equity along the way!

Questions we get asked

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Where did the idea come from?

Jiameng is a big fan of film and TV (and YouTube of course). He realised one sunny day that all the content he watches is originally produced in English. He thought, why can't I access the content created all over the globe? The problem is simple. We can't consume content unless it's in a language we speak. That's when he combined forces with Jesse to come up with the world changing idea - let's auto-translate videos so content can be accessed by anyone, anywhere, regardless of what language they speak.

Are you hiring?

YES! Great question. Click on the link above to see what roles we have open.

Where are you based?

We like to think of ourselves as cultivated world travelers and digital nomads, although to be precise, we're based in the heart of Shoreditch!

Can we use the tool today?

Feel free to reach out so we can understand your requirements and let you know what the next steps are.